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15 03 05 Our Polivagina has been released in Metalocus, Plataforma Arquitectura, Arquitectura Viva!

14 12 05 Our Periscope House is part of the exhibition "Our first building" at the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid.

14 11 21 We presented and participated in the seminar The Cloud and the Crowd at the Berkeley Center for New Media Commons.

14 11 20 Lecture at Science and Technology Studies, UC Davis.

14 10 23 Lecture (video here) at the GSD lecture series "Innovate".

14 08 29 The new semester starts as Design Critic in Architecture at GSD, Harvard University, Cambridge.

14 08 29 We participate in the Annual International Conference 2014 “Geographies of co-production” at the Royal Geographical Society in London, at the panel: Pluralizing Approaches to Urban Political Ecology in a ‘World of Cities’, with the paper: "Queer/ing political ecologies through air quality monitoring".

14 08 23 We participate in the international conference 4S7ESCOCITE in Buenos Aires charing the panels:"Ecologies and Material Politics of the Inorganic" with Manuel Tironi and Max Liboiron and "Materializing, Practicing and Contesting Data" from Citizen Sense.

14 08 19 We present and discuss an article at the workshop “Midiendo la vida: conmensuración, dispositivos y naturaleza”. Instituto de Sociologia. Universidad Catolica de Chile, organised by Manuel Tironi.

14 08 18 We participate in the discussion “Contaminación atmosférica: Experimentos ciudadanos y sustentabilidad urbana” at the Universidad Catolica de Chile, organised by Manuel Tironi and Héctor Jorquera from the Entorno Construido y Recursos Críticos (Centro de Desarrollo Urbano Sustentable (CEDEUS) )

14 06 26 Nerea Calvillo is now a doctor with honors, with the tesis "Sensing Aeropolis"!!

Our participation in Limn Issue Number Zero: Prototyping Prototyping: Infra(proto)types In the Air.

14 03 07 We present our new visualisation, Pollen In the Air, at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, as part of the exhibition Datascapes,together with Burak Arikan, Angela Bulloch, David Claerbout, Harun Farocki, Joan Fontcuberta, Michael Najjar, Thomas Ruff, Enrique Radigales, Karin Sander, Charles Sandison, Pablo Valbuena.

Some exhibition press reviews: J. Guardiola, el Cultural de El Mundo y el Cultural de ABC

13 10 04 We present a paper at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Conference in San Diego, in a panel with Fernando Dominguez and Jennifer Gabrys.

13 10 09 We will participate in the workshop Digital STS in San Diego.

13 10 08 We will give a lecture at the University of San Diego.

13 10 04 We present a paper at the 16th International Culture and Power Conference, in Murcia.

13 09 30 C+ arquitectos has been selected for FRESHLATINO 2, a selection of latinoamerican architecture offices curated by Ariadna Cantís and Andrés Jaque. Opening of the exhibition at the Instituto Cervantes, Madrid.

13 09 12 Opening of the exhibition Vivacidade – Poéticas Socioambientais at the media-facade Galeria de Arte Digital SESI-SP in Sao Paulo curated by Marília Pasculli. Our site-specific piece Sao-Paulo In the Air has been screaned (with Martin Nadal).

13 09 10 Our co-authored article Test-Bed Urbanism (with Orit Halpern, Jesse LeCavalier and Wolfgang Pietsch) has been published in Public Culture. Available here.

13 09 6 Presentation of the Connecting Cities 2013 projects at the media-facade of Medialab-Prado, Madrid that we have curated. Congratulations to all artists for their work.

13 07 10 We give a paper at the International Visual Sociology Association Annual Conference 2013, on The Public Image.

13 07 01- ......... New research position !!!! at the Citizen Sense ERC funded research project, at the Sociology department at Goldsmiths University of London. Principal investigator: Jennifer Gabrys. With artist Helen Pritchard and medical anthropologist Nick Shapiro.

13 06 21 We give a lecture with Philipp Rahm at the Máster in Collective Housing curated by Javier Garcia Germán.

13 06 20 We participate at the "Smart Urbanism: Utopian visions or false dawn?" international workshop at the Geography department @ Durham University, organised by Simon Marvin.

13 06 19 We give a paper at "What if I don´t buy it? Unmaking and Remaking Common Worlds" 3rd Metting of the Spanish STS Network (esCTS), in Barcelona.

13 05 21 We give a lecture at the Urban Salon at the Geography department of UCL, London, with Jennifer Gabrys and curated by Michel Guggenheim.

...... (to be completed soon)

12 12 26 We receive the issue of the french magazine Architectures à Vivre (Le magazine de la maison contemporaine) in which Periscope House is published (pg 61-71).

12 12 11 Participate at Mi5´s jury at the Architectural Association, London.

12 12 06 The article "Skewing the City" of our research group Milgram Group is published at the international conference newspaper The Electric City, organized by the London School of Economics. Downloadable here.

12 11 27 Participate in the round table Intra-City and Sustainability at the Roca Gallery, London. A summary of the sessionhere.

12 11 21 Periscope House published in the korean magazine C3_architecture+landscape+urbanism no.338|1210 is already available.

12 11 19-20 We present our paper "Air quality indexes and their politics behind" at the international congressl "When air is a matter of proof", organized by the Institut des Sciences de l'Homme (ISH), en Lyon.

......We will fill in this gap soon!

12 09 15 We present "Madrid´s Air" at TedxMadrid. Here the video!

12 05 25 Selva de Mar published in Archdaily andEuropaconcorsi.

111220 Our work at Performance & Arquitectura has been menitioned at Domus Web

111215 The Public Presentation of El Ranchito, opens at Matadero Madrid. It is a project from which we are part of the Working Group. We have done also the exhibition design.

11 11 17 We give the workshop Invisible Smart Cities at theFaber Meeting in Torino, a festival oriented towards the encounter of technology, creativity and economical development.

11 11 16 We give a lecture at the conference "Convergent culture and the social construction of the meaning of towns"organized by the department of Semiotics of the Faculty of Filosofy of Torino.

11 11 10 The exhibition Performance & Architecture opens at the Tabacalera Building of the Ministry of Culture. It has been curated by Ariadna Cantís, and we have done the exhibition design.

11 10 25 In the Air is exhibited atImperfect Health, at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal, together with R&Sie and Andy Byers, among others.

11 09 15 We are speakers at the Picnic Conference 2011, curated by Mark Shepard and invited by the European Journalism Centre. At the table with Saskia Sassen, Martijn de Waal and Beth Coleman, among others.

11 08 09 We participate at the "Studio Talk: Comfort Meets Infrastructure"with Guggenheim Lab Team members Elma van Boxel and Kristian Koreman from the Rotterdam-based office ZUS at the Guggenheim Lab, pavillion designed by Atelier Bow Wow and curated by Maria Nicanor y David van der Leer.

11 08 09 We´re jurors at Fake Industries studio at Columbia Univesity.

11 08 08 We attend and participate at the annual Poiesis Fellowship meeting, with Richard Sennet, Saaskia Saasen and Ash Amin, among others.

11 07 25 We receive the book (Im)Mobility de Open, published by Nai Publishers, with Eric Kluitemberg as guest editor, and contributions by Brian Holmes, Florian Schneider and John Thackara, among others, and which includes an article of ours.

11 07 06-23 We participate in a workshop as visiting scholars at NYU about digital infrastructures. It´s first output is the first issue of the Milgram newspaper.

11 06 23 It´s the opening of the exhibition "Open Innovation" at the Museum of the Panama Canal about contemporary Spanish Architecture. We develope the exhibition design. Curated by Ariadna Cantis and Enric Ruiz-Geli .

11 05 19 We participate in Technarte, International Congress of Art and Technology, celebrated at the Congress Palace of Bilbao.

11 04 28-29 We participate in the Art, Technology and Ecology panel at Metaversos 2011, III Congresss of Metaversos, Web 3D and Social Networks in Virtual Worlds, celebrated at the Congress Palace of Ibiza. April 28th, 11.30h.

11 04 06 The Atlas of Transformation has been published,beautiful book coordinated bytranzit in which we wrote the entry Representation.

11 03 31 We´ve just received the 2010-magazine of the Plataforma SINC where we speak about "In The Air", Interview section, Natural Sciences, p 82-83.

11 03 25-26 We attended the congress Visualisation in the Age of Computerisation, in Oxford.

11 03 22The episode 3 of The Anthropology of the Contemporary "Prototyping Prototyping" by Cristopher Kelty in which we have participated is available.

11 03 18We give a lecture at the Arquerías de los nuevos ministerios, Madrid, within the Conferences Series of the exhibition Efímeras.

11 02 19We present the new cultural project of Matadero " El Ranchito" at JustMad. We also present the open call for residencies. It may be of your interest!

11 02 16 It is the opening of the exhibition “Efímeras. Alternativas Habitables” at the "Arquerías de Nuevos Ministerios", Madrid, where It´s shown part of our work. We give a lecture March the 19th, 19.30

11 02 15 We give a lecture of our work at C+ at the ETSAM, invited by the AULA PFCat the unit of Juan Herreros.

11 02 01 We coordinate a sesion at the Media Facades Workshop of the Transmediale Festival, in Berlín!!

11 02 01 We publish a report at the "Arquitectos" magazine (Consejo Superior).

11 01 25 We´ve just received the magazine "Urban Flux" (from China!!!) where we have a report, "Invisible Agents", at the New Thinking-New Practice section, nº2-2010, p78-81.

11 01 15 Intense week at Ranchito with the workshop "Critical Practice".

11 01 15 Starts the Máster of Advanced Tecnics in Architectonic Proyects of the Universidad Europea of Madrid. We´re the responsable of the Geometry department.

10 11 03 It is the opening of the exhibition Circuitos MMX, including the works of 8 young artist that live in Madrid. Curated by Ivan López Munuera.

10 10 07 We present the diagram we have developed at the opening of Freshmadrid 2010 .

10 06-09 We´re part of the Encounter between Schools in Medellín.

10 10 05 / 10 10 24 We present Post Post Post in Medellín at the MAMM (Modern Art Museum).

10 09 17 We win a Special Mention with our proposal PARQUEOLÓGICO for the competition for an Archaeological Museum in Calvia. The opening of the exhibition of the projects will be the 16 of November at the COAIB.

10 09 03-11 Takes place the Media Facades Festival 2010in Madrid , of which we have been curators. The 11th is part of the White Nigth, and it takes place at the digital facade of Medialab-Prado.

10 08 28-30 The Seccond Poiesis Meeting takes part in New York.

10 08 11 It is the opening of the exhibition Post Post Post at the Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires. It is a project initiated by Florencia Rodriguez. We have participated as the spanish curatorial platform with Ariadna Cantís and Uriel Fogué. Work of C+ has been exhibited. We have also developed the map Mapa Post Post Post, with Uriel Fogué and Camilo Restrepo.

10 07 15 Last construction site visit for the summer at Selva de Mar.

10 06 28-02 We lead the workshop Urban Microscopes at the Summer Architecture Workshop of the Unversidad San Francisco de Vitoria, in Madrid, for highschool students. With Santiago Cirujeda, Gema Magán y Daniel.

10 06 17 We´re part of the jury of the workshop "Urban Culture and Networks of Transformation" at Matadero, with students fromBUW (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) and AAIS (AA Interprofessional Studio, London).

10 05 27 It is the opening at the art center Laboral in Gijón of the exhibititon Mediateca Expandida: Habitar, curated by Jose Luis de Vicente with Fabien Girardin as conceptual advisor, and artists: Timo Arnall, Julian Bleecker, Ángel Borrego - Office for Strategic Spaces, Nerea Calvillo, Citilab-Cornellà, Pedro Miguel Cruz, Dan Hill, IaaC - Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Cataluña, kawamura-ganjavian + Maki Portilla Kawamura + Tanadori Yamaguchi, Aaron Koblin, Philippe Rahm architectes, Marina Rocarols, Enrique Soriano, Pep Tornabell, Theodore Molloy, Semiconductor, SENSEable City Lab, Mark Shepard.
We have presented a development of the project In the air: LABO_in the air.

10 05 19 We´re members of the international jury of the Architecture Latvian Awards, invited by Mārtiņš Pīlens on behalf of the Letonia School of Architects.

10 05 13 First session of Thinking and doing Medialab-Prado Pensando y Haciendo Medialab-Prado, to think about the state and the future of the institution.

10 04 16-18 First Poiesis Meeting in Munich, as fellow of the Poiesis Fellowship given by the Institute of Public Knowledge at the New York University (NYU), to research on Design, Power, and the Unanticipated in Social Change, Remaking the City.

10 04 1-4 Technical workshop of the Media Facade Festival 2010 in Kitchen Budapest.

10 03 20-34 Field trip with the Taller Integrado de Proyectos (T.I.P) of the Universidad Europea through the West Coast.

10 03 18 We´re part of the Electrosmog Festival, International Festival for Sustainable Inmobility, at the Hipermobility and the urban condition table, invited by Eric Kluitenberger, in Amsterdam. Martijn de Waal writes an interesting post at his blog The mobile city.

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