Specialised in new technologies as design tools, C+ has designed architecture projects, contemporary art exhibitions at Laboral (Gijon, Spain), Museo de arte Contemporáneo de Santiago de Chile, (Santiago de Chile, Chile), Sala de Tabacalera del Ministerio de Cultura (Madrid, Spain) or the Cervantes Institute (Spain, Serbia, etc). EUROPAN and other social housing competitions have been awarded, and the office was selected for FreshMadrid, a selection of emergent practices in 2007.

C+ research projects oriented towards data visualization and cartographies have been developed in workshops at international universities and medialabs, which include Invisible Cartographies in PEI, Bogotá (Colombia), and In The Air, in Medialab-Prado, (Spain), Kitchen Budapest (Hungary) and Museum of Contemporary Art of Santiago de Chile (Chile) and exhibited at international venues, such as the Canadian Centre of Architecture (Canada).

Nerea Calvillo, founder of C+, is an architect, researcher and curator, Assistant Professor at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (University of Warwick) and unit master at the Architectural Association. She studied at the ETSAM, was awarded the Fulbright grant to pursue studies at Columbia University (MsAAD), and she received her doctorate in 2014 with the thesis Sensing Aerópolis. The work produced at her office, C+ arquitectos, and her environmental visualization projects like In the Air have been presented, exhibited and published at international venues. She is a Poiesis Fellow (NYU) and was a post-doc researcher at Citizen Sense (Goldsmiths). Her research investigates the material, technological, political and social dimensions of environmental pollution working at the intersection between architecture, science and technology and feminist studies, new materialisms and urban political ecologies. She is currently working on toxic politics, pollen and queer urban political ecologies.

Marina Fernández is an architect (ETSAM, UPM, Madrid, 2008), product designer (Industrial Design School Arte12, 2013) and she has a Master in Art and Creation Research (Fine Arts, UCM, 2015), she researchs on Socially Engaged Art and Public Space Interventions. Since 2013 she develops the collaboratve project “Tejiendo la Calle” with local residents -Included in Architectus Omnibus? platform, Design and Citizen Participation award of the Iberoamerican Design Biennale 2016, Included in European Heritage Days 2017-. She is the Technical Director of Supertrama, Public Art Programm in Extremadura.