Infrastructural Ecosystems II

Nerea Calvillo + Juan Carlos Castro. 2nd year undergraduate
Universidad de Alicante, 2011-2012

Infrastructural Ecosystems is concerned with the detection and visualization of the “invisible” infrastructures that are operating in the territory without the attention or interest of architecture as a discipline. These infrastructures are material and social assemblages deeply rooted in their contexts, and the aim of this course is to identify how they work and to identify the agents that involved in it (what we have called the infrastructure´s ecosystem), to construct the intellectual and design tools to operate in them.
The strategy of intervention is the development of infrastructural prosthesis which permits to intensify or redistribute certain conditions of the existing infrastructure. This prosthesis are built as relational models (parametric design) which integrate data sets with information of the contexts, and are activated by testing their limits and emergencies in order to generate infrastructural monsters, evaluated in alternative ways to efficiency or cost.
In parallel to the development of the infrastructural ecosystem and its prosthesis their immaginaries will be developed, in trying to project how they would be experienced, adapted to the landscape or desired. This will be explored through images and video, using the mashup technique to borrow references from different contexts.
The last part of the process is to create versions in real time using video-mixing software, in the attempt to activate the project as a mediating machine which can allow to discuss the assemblage, the prosthesis and its experience as an architecture assemblage.
Watch videos here, here and here

 Miguel A. Fernandez