Civic Infrastructures

Nerea Calvillo + Miguel Mesa. 2nd year undergraduate
Universidad de Alicante, 2013-2014

Civic Infrastructures inquires systems that enable or facilitate various degrees of collectivity. Moving away from the more self-evident public infrastructures, it focuses on the capacity of objects to articulate modes of getting together. And yet these objects are inscribed in infrastructural ecosystems, where knowing them is the first step to interfere in them. By designing prosthesis of pre-existing objects we intend to re-distribute capacities, accesses, power or benefits, understanding the effects in other objects, humans or systems that these re-distributions may cause. The prosthesis is not considered a unity, but a system that changes in relation to the system that is set up to “win” in the re-distribution, so each project has the capacity of privileging for example the environment or the least represented group of the ecosystem.

The studio explores the capacities of objects through the construction and constant transformation of large multi-scalar models, which are labelled, coded and implemented as hybrids between maps, drawings, models and game boards.

 J.J. Oliva-J. M. Saorin-M.A.Solas     
 Irene Corcoles-Gloria Herranz     
 Cecilia Sirvent-Claudia Soriano     
 Vicente J. Llinares-Emiliano Lopez     
 Beatriz Anton-Jose Miguel Asencio     
 Elisabeth Ferrando-Manuela Ripoll